Our Vision is to see America’s purpose and destiny secured by the character of her citizens

Who We Are

The National Character Association (NCA) is leading the way for Americans to discover and develop the attributes that strengthen and secure our nation.

Here at the NCA, we believe that America is an exceptional nation. This country was founded and born under the protection of Providence and on timeless first principles identified by our founding fathers. America’s unique character and spirit has made us a Beacon of Hope – leader of the Free World.
Here's the catch:
This amazing legacy we’ve inherited is perishable – even fragile. It must be understood, protected, and defended – and that takes character.
"When wealth is lost, nothing is lost;
when health is lost, something is lost;
when character is lost, all is lost."
— Benjamin Franklin

NCA is dedicated to one simple principle: Our nation’s ability to achieve its purpose and destiny is determined by the character of our citizens and the vision of our leaders. The enemies of our Republic that sow malaise and division will shrink back – but only in the face of moral strength and courage.

That’s why the NCA is combatting America’s moral slide, empowering Americans for biblical citizenship, and equipping the church to engage and transform the culture.

Your NCA – Leading the way to where Character meets purpose and destiny

Our Staff

NCA: Leading the Way

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How we got here and where we are going

Here at the National Character Association, we like to say that the NCA was born at the intersection of Providence and Character.

Providence: The United States has a rich national heritage. We believe that our nation was born under the protection of God – that our nation has prospered like no other because we have been the beneficiary of Divine Favor.

Character: American Citizens have traditionally been people of great moral strength and rectitude – people of Character. The tremendous strength of the American National Character has corresponded nicely with the Divine Favor the United States has enjoyed.

Yet concerning developments have emerged in recent years. The American National Character has been called into question, and we have experienced a significant decline in our national security and civil prosperity. At the NCA, we believe Divine Favor is inseparably linked to our National Character – that these results are entirely predictable.

We established this organization to strengthen our National Character – to help ensure that our Character continues to intersect with Providence. Here at the NCA, we’re leading the way for Americans to discover and develop the character and attributes that secure divine favor and providential protection.
“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”
— Proverbs 14:34


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